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  • Reedy Moyers To office w/ leaders leaders leave at working on desk w/ JV Ambassador Discussion Joined by Ed Martin to Argentina w/ WJ and Ralph Dungan JV and McGeorge Bundy To SS post to greet His Majesty Mwambutsa IV King of Burundi w/ Mrs Johnson
  • Walk to President's office to greet King of Burundi on lawn 11:45 Talk w/ Jim Ketchum on White House tour. Book and paintings for West Wing. Telephoned Jim Fosburgh Telephoned Ruth Johnson re: paintings to borrow Wrote Alice Brown re: visit
  • Lady Bird does desk work; visit of King of Burundi; paintings for the White House; Lady Bird works with Dick Goodwin on Lady Bird's upcoming Kentucky speech; military reception on White House lawn; Johnson family greets the guests; Lady Bird
  • MEMORAN DUM TH E W H IT E HOUSE WA S H IN GTON T u e sday, M ay 19, 1964 P a ge 1 The day began with desk w ork with L iz , B ess and Ashton. Then I w alked o ve r to Lyndon*s o ffic e to g r e e t the King of Burundi, on the law n s m a ll