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  • Folder, "[December 5, 1967 - 5:31 p.m. Meeting with Governor John W. King of New Hampshire]," Meeting Notes Files, Box 2
  • MAR VIN WATSON'S NOTES ON THE MEETING BETWEEN THE PRESIDENT AND GOVERNOR JOHN W. KING OF NEW HAMPSHIRE. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1967 5:31P.M. p Governor, I read your speech before the State Democratic Executive Committee and it was awfully good. If I
  • W. King of New Hampshire --appt requested by Gov to discu Marvin Watson ^ the New Hampshire primary. Joined above John S. Gikas (Gov. Daniel says Gikas is in charge of the Governor's campaign and finance activities. ) T ^ MW's notes on this mtg
  • , and time was very short. That same evening the Mission flew to Athens and held its first meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Pipinellis and subsequently with King Constantine and Prime Minister Kollias. We found the Greek Government anxious to maintain
  • at 7:15 p.m. Attachment. CETFR.'.lJ.';rn r::i riE ••, AOMINISTR.HiVE t.1~;,KING• c.,__ix.,H ~VICE SET 0 ,., I ).--.JJ.. h'I Meeting began: 6 :02 p. m. Meeting ended: 7:15 p. m. -ft:JP SECRE I NOTES OF THE PRESIDENT'S MEETING -i"'1'1M\1'"if[t