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  • during the Johnson Administration; Clement E. Conger (ACDA Executive Secretary), Robert W. Lambert (Chairman of History Project), Adalyn Davis (Assistant to the Chairman), Richard Creecy, John R. Wilbraham, Paul J. Long, Robert E. Stein, Alexander T
  • , ■After the Cuban missile crisis (1962), Premier Khrushchev offered President Kennedy two or three on-site inspections a year as a political concession. The Soviet Union also ^See Review of International Negotiations on the Cessation of Nuclear Weapon
  • at Geneva. Clare II. Timberlake, the last man to occupy this post. lSee Robert W. Lambert, "The Origin of the Eighteen Nation Disarmament Committee" (U) (Research Report 6 8 -5 1 ), Secret. ^ M F I D E N ¥ jr^— - 3 - ■ c was reassigned In 1966
  • . - 3 - appointed by President Kennedy the same day the enabling Act was signed into law. The Director is also the chief U.S. negotiator in the field of arms control, and much of the time he or the Deputy Director is away at Geneva or New York