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  • Folder, "[NSC Meeting] Meeting with Cabinet, DNC, et al to commemorate Pres. Kennedy's birthday, 5/28/1964, Volume 2, Tab 5," National Security Council Meetings Files, NSF, Box 1
  • Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
  • Robert McNamara Unde r Secretary of Defense Cyrus R. Vance Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz Atomic Energy Commissioner Glenn Seaborg NASA Administrator James Webb Agency
  • IN THE CABINET ROOM OF THE WHITE HOUSE The President of the United States, Presiding A TTORNEY GENERAL Robe rt F. Kennedy CIA John A . McCone , Director DEFENSE Robert S. McNamara, Secretary Cyrus Vance, Deputy Secretary OEP Edward A. McDermott, Director STATE
  • General Maxwell D. Taylor , Chairman FAA Najeeb Halaby, Administrator JUSTI CE DEPARTMENT Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General OEP Edward A. McDermott, Director STATE Dean Rusk, Secretary TREASURY C. Dougl as D illon, Secretary USIA Carl Rowan, Director
  • ), the National Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and Robert McNamara. In addition, the series contains correspondence with or material about Joseph Alsop, Abe Fortas, J. W. Fulbright, Kenneth Galbraith, Ho Chi Minh, Senator Henry Jackson, Robert F. Kennedy
  • , Administrator William S. Gaud, Deputy Administrato r ATTORNEY GENERAL Robert F. Kennedy CIA John A. McCone , Director William Colby DEFEN SE Robert S. McNamara, Secretary Cyrus Vance, Deputy Secretary John McNaughton, Assistant Secretary (ISA) JCS General Earle
  • Meetings. This includes budget and balance of payments; the Kennedy Round negotiations; U.S. policy towards foreign countries; diplomacy; colonialism; East-West trade; international economic policy; visits to foreign countries by Secretary Robert McNamara
  • , telegrams, press releases, and reports that cover a broad range of topics. Some major topics within the files include material on international economic issues, such as balance of payments, the Kennedy Round and trade negotiations, efforts to increase East
  • /66 Jul-66 7/8‑9/66 Dec-63 Jan-64 AG Trip [Robert Kennedy's Trip] Attorney General Trip [Robert Kennedy’s trip to Germany and Poland] Harriman Trip [Pierre] Salinger Trip Around the World [John] McCone Trip Secretary Dillon Trip [Treasury Secretary
  • members would report on current situations . He first called on Secretary Rusk for a summary of developments in Brazil. Secretary Rusk summarized our relations with Goulart, including Goulart 1 s dis cuss ion with President Kennedy, and later, in Rio, his
  • , Presiding Speaker of the House of Representatives ATTORNEY GENERJ\.L Robert F . Kennedy CIA John A. McCone, Director DEFENSE Robert S. McNamara, Secretary Cyrus Vance~ Deputy Secretary John McNaughton. Assistant Secretary Eugene Fubini, Deputy Director