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  • Kennedy, Edward M. (Edward Moore), 1932-2009
  • ~ '. .. .. ... , ·Nrr1~ Q;~1·uc. "t ·. 1 ~... .Jv--1-~;. ....~- • . i·1 . ·J . · · ;BY~-,t·LA.R.·~LDm:i:J:C.'iQt " .>j . .\ ·: ·! · .. ~ . .... . i ;.A•. GENERAL . } . ·.·' i .... ~-1. I DISCUSSED THE KENNEDY S?EECH THIS MORNING WITH SENIOR
  • Smith Rep. W. R. Hull Rep. Bob Casey Senator Ralph Yarborough Senator Jennings Randolph Senator Harrison Williams Senator Claiborne Pell Senator Edward Kennedy Senator Alan Bible Senator Lister Hill Senator John Stennis .mno; MEMORANDUM
  • . I will be happy just to keep doing what is right and lose the election. There has been a panic in the last three weeks. It was caused by Ted Kennedy's report on corruption and the ARVN and the GVN being no good. And now a release that Westmoreland
  • unattractive they are. Senator Edward Kennedy says the Vietnamese goverrunent steals about 50% of each dollar. He is about to release a report outlining corruption in Vietnam. To what do you attribute the confession by Captain Bucher, General Wheeler? General
  • Vietnam frc es. The President: There are ..two or three dangers in this: (1) We comply with the Senator Kennedy demand. (2) We create doubt about the fact we are doubtful. (3) We were charged with handpicking. (4) It might harden public position
  • proposition • .Kennedy and McCarthy.aren't coming up with much. "Let's try so:::lething like this." Ma Bu.."'1.d.y: That's OK. RuskY Whether or not this is a step toward peace is up to Hanoi. M. Bundy: President is not about to escalate like you say
  • time to question you on them. I thought Senator Stennis handled himself very we1l yesterday. Did anyone talk with him before he went on the air? General Wheeler: General Brown talked with Senator Stennis. The President: A senator (Senator Ted Kennedy
  • Vietnamese statement in Paris. It says again that the United States is the aggressor. "U Thant, DeGaulle, Senator Kennedy and Fulbright say you should stop bombing." They want world opinion to sway us. The sooner we show we will do what is right, the better
  • . The President: Summarize it. Secretary Rusk: Recommend you wait to hear from Bunker. I take the long view. President Kennedy said we would make a battle there to save South Vietnam. That set us on course. After the Tonkin Gulf, you put in troops to keep South