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  • and impartial justice. -- dictated by JV as summary of conversation) Ed Weisl, Sr in bedroom w/ President Dr. Gould and Dr. B urkley treating the President's throat. Motorcade to La Guardia w/ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy, G. Reedy, Jack Valenti in automobile
  • McGeorge Bundy mf Get Bob Anderson Secretary McNamara NYC Robert Anderson McGeorge Bundy Clifford Alexander and Louie Martin for pictures w/ Pres Secretary Hodges out Mr and Mrs Ewel Stone and sone Hunter Stone Off Record Walter Jenkins from Denver Colo
  • Jenkins Elmer Staats f 1:05 1:50 2:30 3:55 4:16 4:55 4:56 6:15 6:55 7:00 7:05 7:25 office - re salinity in the lower Colorado River Secy. Mann, McGeorge Bundy & Robert M Sayre McGeorge Phillips Talbot, Bob Komer, Ralph Dungan, Bundy - re Cyprus meets
  • , U. Stikker, (Secy-Genl. NATO), Hon. Geo. Ball, Farley, Mr. J. Robert Schaetzel, Mr Getz Depart South Grounds via chopper (over) Rpt checked - gb Mr. Philip 3:36p 3:45p 4:45p 4:55p 4:58p 5:15p 5:50p 5:56p 6:05p 6:25p 6:25p . To Departed W
  • International Union in Miami Tuesday White To To Andrews AFB via House helicopter 9-15-64 calls carded Addressed Machinists made remarks at Cape Kennedy w/ JV, Major Gordon Cooper, Mr. Robert M. Jackson (of Corpus Christ!) , Lt. Col
  • crowds for it wasn't the parade route. Many welcome signs, etc. One sing read "LBJ ThanKs For The S. P.A. Loan" -' ! Stopped corner. Flatbush Ave. and Nostrand Ave. Here there was a large crowd and a : number of pickets. Senator Robert Kennedy joined
  • then occurs) McGeorge Bundy, Wash DC Wash DC Secretary Robert McNamara /1:25 f Secy McNamara (Wash DC) Departs Carlyle for New York Times Bldg with Jack Valenti & Pierre Salinger (luncheon & meeting w/ Editorial Board Departs for Waldorf Astoria - greeted
  • . Robert Kennedy Motorcade to the Waldorf Astoria - accompanied by. . . Motorcade too k the President through East Harlem where good crowds --~6 deep ; lined the streets. ..-•'. '" Arrive Waldorf Astoria - because of the density of the crowds in the area
  • _ ; member __ Mrg I / e tt . o LJ • platfor y Mrs n& . Rober t Kenned y _ ', y Robert McNamara Se n & Mrs. Edwar d Kennedy . Gov. & Mrs . Mill s F . Godwi n ff Mr. & Mrs . D . A . Holden , Presiden t o f shipyar d Mr. & Mrs. W . T . Smith
  • McKee Attorney fr mans Atlantic fr City fr mans mans Ford Motor Co Dallas Texas General Robert Kennedy Atlantic City fr mans Wednesday 8-26-64 Walter Jenkins Atlantic City fr mans Mayor Robert Wagner of NYC - Atlantic City (fr. mans