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  • Kennedy failed to find burial in his home meeting, , and town here, was still being probed Garcia testified that he had~ sen~ Friday by a special House com· a letter to J. IC Montgomery~ ~1 mittee. . Three Rivers mayor, and that ·! The '·investigation
  • we have sent to Mr. T.W. Kennedy ot Three Rivers Texas, the funeral direc­ tor. Also we have acquainted Mr. Walter Winch.ell with the facts at hand. J. Navarro [2 of 4] r·CHtCAGQI bA nt. TRIBUNE'.: ! fage l~ .. Thurs., Jan. 13,1949 GI DENIED
  • the matter further with Mr. Dunne on Saturday. Mr . Dunne was goint to Three Rivers on Saturde\1 morning and asked me to accompany him. On arrival at Three Rivers we first went to the Rice Funeral Home to talk with Mr. Rice and Mr. T. W. Kennedy, Manager
  • foundation dedicated as a living memorial to those who served with the armed forces of th• United States in the Pacific" Directors Harold J. Coolidge, Jr. Walter F. Dillingham Philip M. Farley Childs Frick John J. McCloy Robert Cushman M1rphJ W. A. Read
  • of Felix Lonsorie ' s Kennedy , tho O\mC."' r uncrel arrangom:. nt s . Nir . of tho f un_ral ho11c et Throe Ri vo_ s was tha only person who had the opportuni'ty to disc.:•ininate , and I shall concorn myself sololy witn his words and actions
  • and- ln r~ f~TUttS- February 18, 1949 Mr . Kennedy was quoted as saying that he had deni ed the use of his chapel because of difficulties between my sister, Mrs . Beatric Longoria , arxl the Longoria family . There md been some differences quite sons
  • involved. I'. ul ed to arrive via Army transt>Ort Kennedy said: ·· .. :· . ~.. have . many · good· friends .of Latin··· at San Francisco today.· · Final · · "The ireport- that we 'r efused ·~fo ·American · ~ncestry. ·I "ain"· a . \. dis.-: . funernl