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  • . September 1962: On the eve of Vice Preaident Johnson's visit to Athens, Dimitracopoulos published interviews with Edward Kennedy and Assistant Secretary of State Manning in which non­ committal references to the "Macedonian Question" were made to look like
  • THE WHITE HOUSE WASHONGTON CON FID EN I~ April Lqis: I - :J;:.t , ~ -l-- ,,_;J ,. 6 f"° 19 . , · ~:t, YY ;'v~ '""' ,;·µ..-'-'• a­ Attached is my response to Juanita Roberts 1 question about sending flowers to the Greek Ambassador. You can either
  • - Recognition of Communist China, Volume 1 France - Recognition of Communist China, Volume 2 France - Kennedy‑DeGaulle Talks France - NATO Dispute Volume 1 France - NATO Dispute Volume 2, Cables France - NATO Dispute Volume 2, Memos France - NATO Dispute Volume
  • at the Department of State. 10:40 a.m. Prime Minister Papandreou will visit Arlington National Cemetery where he will place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a wreath on the grave of the late President John F. Kennedy. 12: 30 p. m. President
  • e ~Jc~ N A r ~ L I!NE s ; i GA U N CL A~ IE" 6 :STATE :3S327 H I S MA;J ESTY KI NG :CON$T.6iNTINE ' OF THE . !HELLENES C/ O U QSo 6HIE~ OF PRO ~ OOOL . AMER i c ~N A I RL -t NBSp -;GATE : #6 J OMN F o "KENNEDY A lRPORT NEW '(ORK FO ~ L OW I'NG