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  • Kennedy, Robert F. (Robert Francis), 1925-1968
  • both McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy on the ballot. I have asked Bailey and Criswe ll at DNC to talk to the State Chairman and National Committeeman and our friends and get their recommendations on these Primaries. I do not want to say I am or I am
  • Kennedy, Robert F. (Robert Francis), 1925-1968
  • know in either party that I thought in 1964 was best equipped to be President. 11 He said his recommendation of Humphrey had cost him dearly from Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy, both of w horn wanted the nomination. Other comments
  • Roberts, Juanita
  • ) ,..,.,.,,,""""'~ ~-~-tr NL..J a8~1~f' FILE LOCATION Me~ting Notes File, Box 3 RESTRICTION CODES GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION -:~ I ' THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON June 11, 1968 FOR JUANITA ROBERTS Juanita ­ For the Diary. WGBowdler ~IB®N1"I:> - h. II I
  • Folder, "[NSC Meeting] Meeting with Cabinet, DNC, et al to commemorate Pres. Kennedy's birthday, 5/28/1964, Volume 2, Tab 5," National Security Council Meetings Files, NSF, Box 1
  • Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
  • Robert McNamara Unde r Secretary of Defense Cyrus R. Vance Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz Atomic Energy Commissioner Glenn Seaborg NASA Administrator James Webb Agency
  • IN THE CABINET ROOM OF THE WHITE HOUSE The President of the United States, Presiding A TTORNEY GENERAL Robe rt F. Kennedy CIA John A . McCone , Director DEFENSE Robert S. McNamara, Secretary Cyrus Vance, Deputy Secretary OEP Edward A. McDermott, Director STATE
  • frequently when people think something big is about to happen. He noted that President Kennedy's poll went up 10 points immediately after the Bay of Pigs then plunged 12 points when the crisis was over. More .. Roberts and Elfin -2­ The President also
  • General Maxwell D. Taylor , Chairman FAA Najeeb Halaby, Administrator JUSTI CE DEPARTMENT Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General OEP Edward A. McDermott, Director STATE Dean Rusk, Secretary TREASURY C. Dougl as D illon, Secretary USIA Carl Rowan, Director
  • , Administrator William S. Gaud, Deputy Administrato r ATTORNEY GENERAL Robert F. Kennedy CIA John A. McCone , Director William Colby DEFEN SE Robert S. McNamara, Secretary Cyrus Vance, Deputy Secretary John McNaughton, Assistant Secretary (ISA) JCS General Earle
  • spent $9. 5 billion on poverty in his last year, Kennedy $12. 5 billion, and Johnson $28 billion. Manpower training cost from 3 to 4 to 12 billion in the same period. ) The President: It is not right to say that we are not moving fast enough because
  • Kennedy failed to find burial in his home meeting, , and town here, was still being probed Garcia testified that he had~ sen~ Friday by a special House com· a letter to J. IC Montgomery~ ~1 mittee. . Three Rivers mayor, and that ·! The '·investigation