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  • , Birmingham, . Alabama (RM) Report of: Dates SA CLARENCE E. WR:n:Glrll' 10/24/67 Fleld Office FIie I: 105-560 TJtlc1 ROBERT MARVIN SHELTON Chaiadera RACIAL MATTERS ( KLAN) Synopsis: Office, BIRMINGHA'M Bureau FIie la 157-552 ROBERT. MARVIN
  • Folder, "Shelton, Robert Marvin," Records of the NACCD (Kerner Commission), Embargoed Series, Box 11
  • would shoot the Governor. In addition, other targets for assassination would be the Vice President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Senators Jacob J avits and Robert Kennedy and others. • • • • • 21 "B'', a bookkeeper, was born in 1912
  • they can run out. He does not know of any tips ·coming from 11 Minutemen sources. December 13, 1967 M&'10RANDUM TO: From: Robert H. Haynes Spe_ci~l Agen.t · . FBI Liai~on s ·e ction · M. c. Miskovsky . Director of Inve_s tigations ·Subject
  • on Robert Marvin Shelton, Imperial Wizard of the UKA, reflect a shift in emphasis in recent months -- perhaps inspired by the HCUA investigation of klan activities and Shelton's indictment in the UoS. District Court, Washington, Doc., in March 19660 At any
  • Kennedy. 3. Planting flowers and shrubs in the small triangles and squares carved out by thoroughfares. 4. Initiating neighborhood competitions on beautification. 5. Utilizing a volunteer committee of landscape architects to draw up plans for use
  • . The present members of the Commission are: Representative Armistead I. Selden, Jr., Alabama (term expires May 15, 1967). Representative Robert L. F. Sikes, Florida (term expires May 15, 1967). Representative William S. Mailliard, California (term expires May
  • R. F'IELDSj who st}ll. ted to the m.eeting 9 :axM.Ht.g other things~ th~.. t :a l .1 NS~P m~mbers and white people shnuld keep their guns in order to protect themselves . On October 31; lf167'J Capt.aim ROBERT RAM.SEY» Vice Squad~ IH.llsborougb
  • ), as checked by IC JACK F..AY RID:F;NHOUR, were negative w;tth respec.t to an arrest of VIDNJEVICH since _las-t reported.· Concerning the arrest of VIDNJEVICH, October 31, 1966, at Kennedy High ·School, previo~ly :t"epqrted, records of the Chicago Police
  • . It must be used not b : , • ' Rusk, Secretary of Slate, Robert merely lo apply ·,band aids lo suWashingl.011, Oct. 20-President s. McNamara, Defense Secret;,ry, per[icial wounds, but to remove Johnson today put a p1·ice tag on and William Gaud, depu ty
  • of U.S. powe1· · ·,~t; 'j/ ~ ,('; . ·) ;- wasted in pro• serves the cause of peace. He ls tracted war, obviously wrong. He and Pres• ·.: . ._.,_~,t"~/'~.. :.~:2-t_i.:, taro. '1,ha. t was ldcnt Kennedy . have -exercised ·. .,:'.'."~~.. ~~~~ r$- tho ch o I