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  • the White House by chopper with the President, Joe Califano, Marie, and party; then from Andrews to New York City; to St. Patrick's Cathedral for funeral services for Senator Robert Kennedy. Motorcade to air field; returned to Andrews Air Force Base. 12:49
  • THE WHITE HOUSE MRS. LYNDON B. JOHNSON, Daily Diary WASHINGTON Mrs. Johnson began her day at (Place) Entry No. Date Thursday, June 6, 1968 The White House Time Activity ND (The news has come that Senator Robert Kennedy has died in Los
  • House. 9:07 Left National Airport on Eastern Shuttle. 2. 10:57 Arrived at the Hotel Pierre, New York City. Was met by Mr. Robert Dowling, the owner. Fitted clothes with Adele Simpson, Miss Treyz, and Mrs. Raines (Adele Simpson's daughter). Fitted
  • :50 To elevator w/ President, Mr. and Mrs. McCone, Robert Kennedy, and Secretary Hodges 7:07 To helicopter and to Air Force One. Dinner in flight. 8:20 Arrive White House. 8:30 In President's Bedroom w/ President and Governor Connally. 11:30 Retired
  • in dressing room. 3:27 Called Bess. 3:38 Called Paul Fischer. 3:39 With Luci, Helene, and Marilyn to the theater to see Luci's movies of R&R in Hawaii and documentary on "Robert Kennedy Remembered." 4:40 To the second floor. To Marilyn and Helene's office
  • . The President talked about our retiring soon -- he wasn't very happy about the pancakes. 9:30 Sunbathed on the upper deck. 11:00 Played bridge on the fantail with Jake, Beryl, and Liz Roberts. The exhaust fumes made me sleepy. (Watched Senator Dirksen
  • all dinner guests; to the State Dining Room for dinner. 10:35 To the parlors for coffee. 6. 10:54 To the East Room for entertainment. Robert Merrill and The New Christy Minstrels!! 11:40 To the North Portico with the President to bid goodbye to guests
  • to have lunch with the President. 2:18 To Mr. Per's shop for comb-out. 3. 2:50 Returned to the White House. 3:25 To the first floor -- had pictures taken with the house guests in the Red Room. 3:40 To the Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Garden with Erv Duggan
  • Johnsons to National City Christian Church; lunch, newspapers and Republic Convention on TV with LBJ; cocktail party at the Jack Valentis; dinner at White House with friends; news story about LBJ and the Presidency; Bobby Kennedy
  • Kennedy, Robert F. (Robert Francis), 1925-1968
  • to be the trad e m ark of Lyndon and h is b o y s. A ctu a lly in cold fac t, he n eed s m any of the things that Bobby Kennedy has and r e p r e s e n ts and is able to a ttr a c t. But , as he h im s e lf sa id , we tr a v e le d d ifferen t p a th s
  • Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
  • us, and Lucy Baines an d in the car with us Bob Waldron and the H arry McPhersons. There w ere long, long lines of solemn, respectful people, all along the hill in Robert E. Lee’s home as we wound up to the gravesite. The gravesite was covered