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  • :50a 4. 12:00n 5. 1:00p 6. 6:45p 7. 7:45p The White House for Leadership breakfast meeting. With President and Mrs. Kennedy, greeted Democratic Women on White House lawn. Congressman Roberts to present Judge Hall, his successor in Texas Senate. Opened
  • . Mansfield' s office Atty General Robert Kennedy, re: John Connally Homer Thornberry, re: House caucus Larry O'Brien Sen Symington Bobby Kennedy John Connally Sen Clements Bobby Baker Dudley Daugherty Dudley Daughertty and Mrs. Daugherty Palmer Hoy t (Denver
  • . Johnson Ray Roberts Luncheon Arrived back in P-38 Charlie Boatner Meeting with Chester Bowles (State Department). Discussed Cuba Discussion in P-38with Congressman Gonzalez Dr. Isen of Buffalo, N. Y. to fit Mr. Johnson with new contact lens. PMrs. Owens
  • The White House Activity (include Date visited by)* Thursday June 28, 1962 Expenditure Code LD Participated in Mrs. Kennedy's Press Presentation of the Treaty Room of the White House havin g coffee with Mrs. Kennedy, Senator and Mrs. Mansfield, Senator
  • :10p f 9 3:30p Activity Date (include visited by)* September 8, 1962 Expenditure Code LD Arr P-38 George Reedy President Kennedy expressing appreciation to the Vice President for the splendid job done on the trip to the Mid-East. Dr. Kenneth
  • , MF arriving at 11:50 Haircut in. airport barbershop Lunch at Dobbs House w/ Mrs. Johnson, Liz and MF Joined in room by Gov. and Mrs. Connally, Speaker and Mrs. Tunnell, Mr. and Mrs. Waggoner Carr President Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy arrive airport -- VP
  • Sec McNamara Bill White Phil Graham Ambassador Beale of Australia Robert Murphy of CAB dropped by Helicopter Association Dinner; Sheraton Park Hotel white tie dinner given by President of Tunisia for Pres and Mrs. Kennedy; Mayflower Hotel * Selected
  • Pentagon Pad. Depart Pentagon Pad via helicopter - YB, MF, Dr. Robert Seamans, Agent Johns. Arrive Andrews AFB - Mats Terminal. Depart Andrews AFB - AF Jetstar - Dr. Robert Seamans, YB, MF, Paul Glynn, Agents Youngblood, Rundell, Ivan Sinclair. Arrive
  • - depart with Mrs. J and Grace Tully by car Made unscheduled stop @ Gas Station - returned WJ's call Left station Arr. @ Jno Roosevelt Cottage (original Val-Kill) for Lunch w/ Pres and Mrs. Kennedy President and Mrs. Eisenhower, President and Mrs. Truman
  • * Selectednames shouldbeunderscored. Expenditure Code Col. Burris arrived 4040 52n d Street Depart 4040 with Col. Burris for White HOUSE Juanita Roberts in car en route Arrive White House NSC Executive Committee meeting - White Hous e - lasting until 11:10