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  • and impartial justice. -- dictated by JV as summary of conversation) Ed Weisl, Sr in bedroom w/ President Dr. Gould and Dr. B urkley treating the President's throat. Motorcade to La Guardia w/ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy, G. Reedy, Jack Valenti in automobile
  • McGeorge Bundy mf Get Bob Anderson Secretary McNamara NYC Robert Anderson McGeorge Bundy Clifford Alexander and Louie Martin for pictures w/ Pres Secretary Hodges out Mr and Mrs Ewel Stone and sone Hunter Stone Off Record Walter Jenkins from Denver Colo
  • :50a 4. 12:00n 5. 1:00p 6. 6:45p 7. 7:45p The White House for Leadership breakfast meeting. With President and Mrs. Kennedy, greeted Democratic Women on White House lawn. Congressman Roberts to present Judge Hall, his successor in Texas Senate. Opened
  • Jenkins Elmer Staats f 1:05 1:50 2:30 3:55 4:16 4:55 4:56 6:15 6:55 7:00 7:05 7:25 office - re salinity in the lower Colorado River Secy. Mann, McGeorge Bundy & Robert M Sayre McGeorge Phillips Talbot, Bob Komer, Ralph Dungan, Bundy - re Cyprus meets
  • . Mansfield' s office Atty General Robert Kennedy, re: John Connally Homer Thornberry, re: House caucus Larry O'Brien Sen Symington Bobby Kennedy John Connally Sen Clements Bobby Baker Dudley Daugherty Dudley Daughertty and Mrs. Daugherty Palmer Hoy t (Denver
  • , U. Stikker, (Secy-Genl. NATO), Hon. Geo. Ball, Farley, Mr. J. Robert Schaetzel, Mr Getz Depart South Grounds via chopper (over) Rpt checked - gb Mr. Philip 3:36p 3:45p 4:45p 4:55p 4:58p 5:15p 5:50p 5:56p 6:05p 6:25p 6:25p . To Departed W
  • International Union in Miami Tuesday White To To Andrews AFB via House helicopter 9-15-64 calls carded Addressed Machinists made remarks at Cape Kennedy w/ JV, Major Gordon Cooper, Mr. Robert M. Jackson (of Corpus Christ!) , Lt. Col
  • crowds for it wasn't the parade route. Many welcome signs, etc. One sing read "LBJ ThanKs For The S. P.A. Loan" -' ! Stopped corner. Flatbush Ave. and Nostrand Ave. Here there was a large crowd and a : number of pickets. Senator Robert Kennedy joined
  • . Johnson Ray Roberts Luncheon Arrived back in P-38 Charlie Boatner Meeting with Chester Bowles (State Department). Discussed Cuba Discussion in P-38with Congressman Gonzalez Dr. Isen of Buffalo, N. Y. to fit Mr. Johnson with new contact lens. PMrs. Owens
  • The White House Activity (include Date visited by)* Thursday June 28, 1962 Expenditure Code LD Participated in Mrs. Kennedy's Press Presentation of the Treaty Room of the White House havin g coffee with Mrs. Kennedy, Senator and Mrs. Mansfield, Senator