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  • photographs of the beagle given to Lyndon Johnson, by J. Edgar Hoover, after Johnson’s beagle named ”Him” died. • • • • Date range of collection: 1967-1967 Less than 1 linear inch Available for research. (Open 7/7/2011) 1 series FOLDER TITLE LIST This small
  • Folder title list, Personal Papers, Papers of Sherwin J. Markman
  • Markman, Sherwin J., 1929-
  • in Detroit, Newark, Nashville, and Cambridge, issue of Time magazine dated 8/11/67, and FBI Report by J. Edgar Hoover dated 7/26/67. [Reports and Memos Related to Racial Riots 1967] [2 of 2] Aide to the President Files Primaries - Information
  • the Hoover Commission" 5/19/55 "Alarming Cement Shortage" 5/23/55 "Letter From Veterans Indicate Fear of Tricky Dealings of Hoover Commission" 5/23/55 "Cong. Has Delegated Power Over Monetary Policy Which Condition of Our Economy" 5/23/55 "Making Farmer
  • correspondent for several newspapers, including the Baltimore Sun. In 1931, Pearson and Robert S. Allen anonymously co-authored a book entitled Washington Merry-Go-Round, with gossip about the Washington, D.C. higher-ups, President Herbert Hoover, and Congress
  • ] Insta-Balance Sheet [Sep. 1971 - Jul. 1972] [Loose R. T. Systems/Instacom Documents, Dec. 1971 - Jun. 1976] R. T. Systems/Instacom Annual Report, Fiscal Year ended Dec., 31, 1972 Itoh & Co. (Dow Heard) [2 folders] J&M [May- Oct. 1971] Jerrold Electronics
  • Folder title list, Personal Papers, Papers of Wilbur J. Cohen
  • Cohen, Wilbur J. (Wilbur Joseph), 1913-1987
  • National Archives and Records Administration National Archives Catalog COLLECTION DETAILS and FOLDER TITLE LIST Collection: Wilbur J. Cohen Papers, 1935 - 1987 [NAID
  • Result of Commie Plot. Asks for J-B Money Birch Society: Activity in West -Pamphlet Put Out California State Central Comm. For Western States Democratic Conf (Sept 1963) Birch Society: Statistics on Membership and Finances Birch Society: Court Rulings
  • Latimer's files consisting of correspondence with Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, and J. J. Pickle. They also contain two handwritten letters from Lyndon B. Johnson to Latimer's parents. The letters discuss Johnson's role in the Sam Houston High School