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  • /loh/pres/whcf HU 2/ST 23 EQUALITY OF RACES/MINNESOTA Opened 12/72 Not used. Boxes 26, 37 HU 2/ST 24 EQUALITY OF RACES/MISSISSIPPI Opened 12/72 Boxes 26-27, 38-40 J. Edgar Hoover trip to Mississippi, July 1964; Allen Dulles trip to Mississippi
  • . on successful space missions. PP and PP 1 - messages congratulating the President on 1964 election and expressing condolences following deaths of Douglas MacArthur, Adlai Stevenson, Herbert Hoover, U.S. astronauts, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin
  • Senator Hugh Scott's statement from the Congressional Record, 5/6/64, commending J. Edgar Hoover and recommending that the compulsory retirement age be waived for him, with an attached note. This is in the general file. 1 item. LE/FG 140 POST OFFICE
  • messages from the general public, heads of state,- gove'rnment officials, and foreign citizens concerning: deaths of John F. Kennedy, ยท Herbert Hoover, Ambassador John Gordon ~ein, crew of USS SCORPION., John Nance Garner, Carl Sandburg, Secretary
  • /64 ST 30 38 9 9 26 47 37 5 44 48 30 Miami, Florida Cape Kennedy, Fla. Great Falls, Mont. Seattle, Washington Portland, Oregon Sacramento, Calif. Salt Lake City, Utah Morgantown, W. Va. Atlantic City, N. J. 9/15/64 9/15/64 9/16/64 9/16/64 9/17/64 9
  • , Dwight D. GEN FE 12/Eisenhower , Dwight D. EX FE 12/Hayes, Ruth erford B. GEN FE 12/Hayes, Rutherford B. EX FE 12/Hoover, Herbert c. GEN FE 12/Hoover, Herbert c. EX FE 12 15 open EX FE 12/Johnson, L.B./1 - Official Papers 11/23/63 -12/11/66