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  • THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON MRS. LYNDON B. JOHNSON, Daily Diary Monday Mrs.Johnson began her day at (Place) White House Date March 15, 1965 Entry No. Time Activity Governor Ellington, Ramsey Clark, 4 ministers, Burke Marshall, Mr. J. Edgar Hoover
  • Expenditure 10:00 Breakfast w/ President 1:45 To Union Station w/ President to meet Hoover family. To Capitol. To Rotunda for ceremonies. 3:15 Returned to White House. signed mail, etc. 3:45 Hoover family for tea in Oval Room (pointed out tree planted
  • . and Mrs. McCone 4:00 Motorcade to St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church 4:25 Entered church w/ President and walked down main aisle - stepped aside to let men enter pew and then sat down. Memorial service for President Hoover. 4:50 Went to small room to pay