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  • to send the bill up. If a security problem is involved, he will get J . Edgar Hoover to app r ove the bill. The Secretary General had told him that Senator Fulbright had indicated that the measure would not be opposed in the legislature
  • the Those involved in the activities \Vere: Secretary 1:\.1cNamara Attorney Generai Clark. FBI Director Hoover General Johnson Secretay of the Army Rezor lvir . Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. lvla1·vin Watson· Abe Fortas Gear ge Christian Harry McPherson Joe
  • McNamara Warren Christopher Abe Fortas Larry Levinson George Christian Roger Wilkins John Doar Tom Johnson The meeting began at 11: 15 a. m. 12 :20 p. m. The meeting ended at ~ :. ,. :: !:> ·.:. :: J TG !: c A'l .. :,,;!j .. 1.:.1
  • Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Fulbright McClellan Jackson Eastland Hill Monroney Randolph Jordan Mansfield It ended at 8: 00 p. m. c:n;n1::c:') ro A[; itllid~TRATIVE SERVICE SET 2:: 11.i1 i,J,\K:',lilGo ··p­ MeHw~c; NG
  • : Are you going to run again3 The President: I will cross that bridge later. Mr. Zaiman: I've heard your troubles compared with those of Lincoln. The President: All Presidents have problems. Most of the 36 have gone through many problems. Mr. Hoover had
  • Reorganization. The President said Senator Ribicoff wants to set up another Hoover Commission to reorganize the government. The President said he suggested we may want to appoint an executive commission, but "you lose control of these things