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  • Subject > Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973 (remove)

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  • to Huston-Tillotson College, (Dr. Kirk is a professor at Huston-Tillotson) Addressed student body at Huston-Tillotson College. (J. Edgar Hoover accompanied the Senator to Huston-Tillotson College. En routeto the school, the Senator stopped by the Austin
  • Requirements Resources, Utilization and training from Labor Dept. JV, Marianne Means - (unannounced) Secretary 1:35 1:37 3:02 2:20 wing ofc. 1 of 2 W. Jenkins Ambassador t t f t t w/ Paul Martin & Mr Robertson - J. Edgar Hoover, Dete Deloach, Walter
  • in bedroom w/ Nap Bill Moyers fr Governor John Connally J Edgar Arr Hoover office Leonard Young mansion fr w/ J mansion Valenti Marks Voter Group Oval office President 23 1964 Released text of a memorandum to the President from Secy
  • , Director, BOB Joe Califano - pl j 12:01p 12:30p Crf j Members' Treasury .X^ Postmaster General Lawrence O'Brien The President asked to see the PMG to discuss Cabinet speeches. • I i /' 12:05p t J. | . . Edgar Hoover, Director, FBI - THE WHIT
  • & McBundy Dungan O'Brien Sorensen re foreign aid program and military assistance in 1963 J Edgar Hoover To mansion w/ 1:45 0 J Bess Abell Return to office Kermit Gordon Dr. Fubini J. Edgar Hoover Telephone Enrry No. 1 Time f or t Activity Code
  • Nicholas Katzenbach and Director Director of the FBI, J. J. Edgar Edgar Hoover Hoover OFF th e FBI, in OFF OFFRECORD RECORD lounge Bill Bill Moyers Moyers Mr. Davidson Davidso n RECORD RECORD May 14 . 196 5 FRIDAY White Hous House e McGeorge Bund
  • . S. Senate) White House for full Cabinet meeting. 1962 custards: Room 274, EOB. Placed call to Walter Winchell but did not reach him. Talked on other calls placed by self. J Edgar Hoover Walter Winchell. at home: Thornberry, Don Thomas, Sam
  • ? " - Presiden t replie d "Sure." Burke Marshall Civil Right Division Senator James Eastland Ruleville Miss J Edgar Hoover Secretary Hodges Nicholas Katzenbach J Edgar Hoover W Jenkins Senator James Eastland Ruleville Miss Secretary Dillon W Jenkins Secretary
  • Thursday White Burke Marshall House fr June 25 1964 mans Walter Jenkins George Reedy fr mans George Reedy J Edgar Hoover George Reedy fr mans Walter Jenkins Larry O'Brien To the office Secretary Hodges To Fish Room for picture taking w / John
  • / A.W. Moursund and WJ J Edgar Hoover Sen. Pastore Sen Saltonstall Sen. Scott In the Oval Room w/ Secy Douglas Dillon David Lawrence U.S. news & World Report In the Oval Room Dr. Glenn Seaborg and McGeorge Bundy Waddy Bullion Sen Russell Long Mr Charles