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  • to Huston-Tillotson College, (Dr. Kirk is a professor at Huston-Tillotson) Addressed student body at Huston-Tillotson College. (J. Edgar Hoover accompanied the Senator to Huston-Tillotson College. En routeto the school, the Senator stopped by the Austin
  • Requirements Resources, Utilization and training from Labor Dept. JV, Marianne Means - (unannounced) Secretary 1:35 1:37 3:02 2:20 wing ofc. 1 of 2 W. Jenkins Ambassador t t f t t w/ Paul Martin & Mr Robertson - J. Edgar Hoover, Dete Deloach, Walter
  • in bedroom w/ Nap Bill Moyers fr Governor John Connally J Edgar Arr Hoover office Leonard Young mansion fr w/ J mansion Valenti Marks Voter Group Oval office President 23 1964 Released text of a memorandum to the President from Secy
  • , Director, BOB Joe Califano - pl j 12:01p 12:30p Crf j Members' Treasury .X^ Postmaster General Lawrence O'Brien The President asked to see the PMG to discuss Cabinet speeches. • I i /' 12:05p t J. | . . Edgar Hoover, Director, FBI - THE WHIT
  • & McBundy Dungan O'Brien Sorensen re foreign aid program and military assistance in 1963 J Edgar Hoover To mansion w/ 1:45 0 J Bess Abell Return to office Kermit Gordon Dr. Fubini J. Edgar Hoover Telephone Enrry No. 1 Time f or t Activity Code
  • Nicholas Katzenbach and Director Director of the FBI, J. J. Edgar Edgar Hoover Hoover OFF th e FBI, in OFF OFFRECORD RECORD lounge Bill Bill Moyers Moyers Mr. Davidson Davidso n RECORD RECORD May 14 . 196 5 FRIDAY White Hous House e McGeorge Bund
  • . S. Senate) White House for full Cabinet meeting. 1962 custards: Room 274, EOB. Placed call to Walter Winchell but did not reach him. Talked on other calls placed by self. J Edgar Hoover Walter Winchell. at home: Thornberry, Don Thomas, Sam
  • THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON MRS. LYNDON B. JOHNSON, Daily Diary Monday Mrs.Johnson began her day at (Place) White House Date March 15, 1965 Entry No. Time Activity Governor Ellington, Ramsey Clark, 4 ministers, Burke Marshall, Mr. J. Edgar Hoover
  • ? " - Presiden t replie d "Sure." Burke Marshall Civil Right Division Senator James Eastland Ruleville Miss J Edgar Hoover Secretary Hodges Nicholas Katzenbach J Edgar Hoover W Jenkins Senator James Eastland Ruleville Miss Secretary Dillon W Jenkins Secretary
  • Thursday White Burke Marshall House fr June 25 1964 mans Walter Jenkins George Reedy fr mans George Reedy J Edgar Hoover George Reedy fr mans Walter Jenkins Larry O'Brien To the office Secretary Hodges To Fish Room for picture taking w / John