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  • Bio: William J. Hopkins (b. May 13, 1910, Netawaka, Kan.-d. July 29, 2004, Gainesville, Fla.) was an executive assistant and clerk to the President of the United States who served under seven presidents, from Herbert Hoover to Richard Nixon. During
  • Hopkins, William J., 1910-2004
  • Bio: Thomas Lemuel Johns (b. December 11, 1925-d. May 2014, Hoover, Alabama), Secret Service agent who protected President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1954-1976.
  • Washington Merry-Go-Round, with gossip about the Washington, D.C. higher-ups, President Herbert Hoover, and Congress. In 1932, they wrote another book, entitled More Merry-Go-Round. When their employers discovered who had written the books, they were both