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  • photographs of the beagle given to Lyndon Johnson, by J. Edgar Hoover, after Johnson’s beagle named ”Him” died. • • • • Date range of collection: 1967-1967 Less than 1 linear inch Available for research. (Open 7/7/2011) 1 series FOLDER TITLE LIST This small
  • Folder title list, Personal Papers, Papers of Sherwin J. Markman
  • Markman, Sherwin J., 1929-
  • in Detroit, Newark, Nashville, and Cambridge, issue of Time magazine dated 8/11/67, and FBI Report by J. Edgar Hoover dated 7/26/67. [Reports and Memos Related to Racial Riots 1967] [2 of 2] Aide to the President Files Primaries - Information
  • ] Hannegan, Bob, 1944-46 Harriman, Averell, New York, 1948-60 Hatfield, Mark O., Oregon, 1959 Herter, Christian A., 1957-60 Hill, Robert C., 1956-60 Hobby, Governor and Mrs. W. P., 1939-63 Hodges, Luther H., North Carolina, 1956-63 Hoover, J. Edgar, 1942-62 I
  • /loh/pres/whcf HU 2/ST 23 EQUALITY OF RACES/MINNESOTA Opened 12/72 Not used. Boxes 26, 37 HU 2/ST 24 EQUALITY OF RACES/MISSISSIPPI Opened 12/72 Boxes 26-27, 38-40 J. Edgar Hoover trip to Mississippi, July 1964; Allen Dulles trip to Mississippi
  • 1937: H Correspondence 1937: I Correspondence 1937: J Correspondence 1937: K Correspondence 1937: L Correspondence 1937: M Correspondence 1937: N Correspondence 1937: O Correspondence 1937: P Correspondence 1937: Q Correspondence 1937: R Correspondence
  • the Hoover Commission" 5/19/55 "Alarming Cement Shortage" 5/23/55 "Letter From Veterans Indicate Fear of Tricky Dealings of Hoover Commission" 5/23/55 "Cong. Has Delegated Power Over Monetary Policy Which Condition of Our Economy" 5/23/55 "Making Farmer
  • correspondent for several newspapers, including the Baltimore Sun. In 1931, Pearson and Robert S. Allen anonymously co-authored a book entitled Washington Merry-Go-Round, with gossip about the Washington, D.C. higher-ups, President Herbert Hoover, and Congress
  • ] Insta-Balance Sheet [Sep. 1971 - Jul. 1972] [Loose R. T. Systems/Instacom Documents, Dec. 1971 - Jun. 1976] R. T. Systems/Instacom Annual Report, Fiscal Year ended Dec., 31, 1972 Itoh & Co. (Dow Heard) [2 folders] J&M [May- Oct. 1971] Jerrold Electronics
  • Folder title list, Personal Papers, Papers of Wilbur J. Cohen
  • Cohen, Wilbur J. (Wilbur Joseph), 1913-1987
  • National Archives and Records Administration National Archives Catalog COLLECTION DETAILS and FOLDER TITLE LIST Collection: Wilbur J. Cohen Papers, 1935 - 1987 [NAID
  • Lindgren - Turner Co. Lucas Brothers Major Photo Distrib Marty's Name Pins F. E. Mason Marion Creations Martin Advertising Products Corp F. E. Mason & Sons May Advertising Co. Medallic Art REJ John J. Meyers Gallery Metal Arts Metalart Buckle Co