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  • Lady Bird finishes Bill White's book on LBJ; Lady Bird records her White House Diary; Lady Bird walks with Jerry Kivitts; Lady Bird works on invitation lists for upcoming events at the White House; Lady Bird has telephone conversation with Dr. Hurst
  • 7 0 s - - and m ade up a lis t fo r B e ss, using two o f our p erson a l telephone books a nd w ra ck ing m y brain , , - Those people I would lik e s o m e tim e to in vite to a State Dinner| and another lis t of those fo r recep tio n s, luncheons
  • Lady Bird works on Johnson City House; telephone conversation with Lucia Johnson; LBJ on six-state tour of Midwest tornado damage; Lady Bird drives by the Schornhorst place and the bluebonnets; guests for dinner at the LBJ Ranch
  • of Lyndon's staff, to have accumulated so many people im portant to N A T O , - ^ such short notice. I think the inviting had gone on until 10 or 11 o 'c lo c k the night b e fo r e , by telephone or t e l e g ra m . ^ A d m ir a l R adford and M r s . Radford
  • k e r ’ s and a sort of catalyst who brings people together fro m various walks of life . So, it was a m ix ed up group, a re a l m osa ic of A m e r ic a n l i f e , and I thought^^a delightful two hours of luncheon,^ and conversation, Lyndon burst
  • Governor Tom Dewey, LBJ and Lady Bird have breakfast and talk about crime; Lucius Clay; ABC film on beautification; telephone conversation with Lynda Johnson; Luci Johnson receives Stingray car for graduation/birthday gift; Johnsons to Camp David
  • and others to Johnson City property; Lady Bird and LBJ to Moursunds and 3 Springs Ranch; LBJ reminisces about picnics and swimming as child; Lady Bird likes river-rafting; Peter Hurd's portrait of LBJ; telephone conversation with Nellie Connally
  • Senator Edward Kennedy's plane crash; Lady Bird calls Rose Kennedy, Birch Bayhs and Mrs. Edward Kennedy; telephone conversation with Lynda Johnson about security problem on her flight; office work; Lady Bird reads; walk around White House
  • conversation. The President took the Whites to show them some pictures. 10:20-11:15 Chief Nauser. Retired. ******
  • : redecorating, light fixture, etc. Lunch: the President, Luci and Pat, Marie, Jim, Mary Rather. Had a long phone conversation with Barbara Keehn re: Israeli visit and dinner. 2:46 Left the ranch -- went to Austin to look for "little things like combs and brushes
  • Dinner with President, Deathes, Lynda, Jake, Marie, Mary, and the above. Little conversation during dinner because TV on with election results. After dinner went back to living room with guests. To bed early.