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  • to reply, touching upon regional development prospects in the Caribbean area, the President answered his telephone . While the President was on the telephone, the Prime Minister and the Reporting Officer conversed briefly on the above theme ::c
  • . On the state of the Nation, he said: is going to hell. " 11 1 just don't think this country MEMORANDUM THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON August 12, 1967 11:00 a. m. MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT FROM: Bob Fleming Attached are notes on your conversation
  • this approach would be for the President to telephone George Meany and say that his advisers, other than Secretary Wirtz, were pres sing for a Taft-Hartley injunction; that the Taylor Panel, which was con­ sidered pro-labor , had recommended a reasonable basis
  • this morning. (The President had Miss Nivens in Walt Ro stow' s office read the message over the telephone; the message thanked Wilson and Brown for standing firm despite party pressures.) We all have our peculiar problems; all of us have our setbacks
  • #1 25 November 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: J:'iscussion with President Johnson, November 23rc!, about 9:15 a.m. The conversation lasted approximately 15 minutes. 1. The Presicent entered Mr. Bundy's office alone and no one was pre
  • - THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON Friday, December 15, 1967 FOR MRS. ROBERTS Per our conversation today. Hope this meets the need. ~ Ed Hamilton ' ...­ Suggested Item for the President's Diary SUBJECT: Meeting with His Excellency B. K. Nehru
  • NOTES ON A CONVERSATION BETWEEN THE PRESIDENT AND SECRETARY UDALL IN THE PRESIDENT'S OFFICE AT 1:15 P.M. EDT. WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 1968 The President told the Secretary that Ramsey Clark had talked to each Cabinet Member about political
  • .-".., Oat~ .3-1f;,-?LJ NI;l MEMO?{...t\NDUM OF CONVERSATION By 4 I-ieid at White House on Wednesday, November 8, 1967 at5:15p.m. in the President 1 s office PARTICIPANTS The President Assistant Secretar y oi State Covey T. Oliver William Bowdler - White
  • WASHINGTON CONPiDE~ff'IAL MEMORANDUM OF CONVERSATION between President Johnson and Finance Minister Strauss July 25, 1968, 11 :45 a. m., at The White House Other Participants: US: Walt W. Rostow Mr. Edward Fried ·~ ~· Mr. Edwin D. Crowley Mr. Harry
  • of State Katzenbach Ambassador nt Large Harriman Assistant Secrciary of State - William Bundy Assistant Secre_tary of State - Josc0h J. Sisco U~ITED r The conversation concentrated exclusively on Vietnam. Whilel the details of the give-and-take are given