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  • , George] W. Jenkins ̇ Telephone Conversations, 1960 [Phinney, Bob] Pittsburgh Plate Glass Court Case [Transportation Company of Texas, 1961] [West, Wesley] [Young, Mary Louise, 1942] CAMPAIGN FILES 5 04/12/18 [1937] Financial Statements [1941 Campaign
  • approximately three hour conversation, Mr. Dunne called D~ . Hector P. Garcia, vmo is head of the GI Forum of Corpus Christi, Texas , trying to get him to withdraw the statements he had been making in this matter . Dr. Garcia said that he would discuss
  • . ' · Sutherland; : himself, may be .recalled · to ·the ·witne.s s stand Friday. He appeared Thursday · afternoon when 1. the committee members .inferred that a single telephone call to Three Rivers might not have been an ade­ quate investigation of .what
  • . Garcia then [1 of 2] - 2 ca..1.l.l.a Mr . George Groh , a rt.por'tur of t l told hi.c of his converse:. ti on wi t ••1 il: • l.r . Konnodr on tho s .mo night to ~orpu.., ..r . G1 oJ l . .clli.H.. dy . 't tu