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  • Lady Bird comments on LBJ's "lamb of a letter," and asks about his law school courses. She writes about how her work around the house is progressing, how she misses her friends in Austin and their good conversation. She mentions seeing the Dodge
  • Lady Bird comments on her phone conversation with LBJ earlier in the day, describes her visit today with relatives, and thanks LBJ for sending books. She writes about the pictures she has enclosed and describes the busy week she has ahead
  • LBJ expresses disappointment after his phone conversation with Lady Bird a day earlier. He says he wrote Lady Bird a long letter but decided not to mail it. He describes going out with friends despite still being sick and says Gene [Latimer] now
  • LBJ comments on Lady Bird's letter to him describing her conversation with Victor [McCrea] while she was in Dallas. He also comments on letters from his mother and from "Mr. Dick" [Congressman Kleberg] and mentions again the letter he wrote Lady
  • LBJ tells Lady Bird he received letters from her and Gene [Boehringer]; Gene expressed approval of LBJ's relationship with Lady Bird. LBJ mentions his long conversation with Helen Crouch and plans to have dinner with Bill and Irene White. LBJ