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  • conversation. The President took the Whites to show them some pictures. 10:20-11:15 Chief Nauser. Retired. ******
  • : redecorating, light fixture, etc. Lunch: the President, Luci and Pat, Marie, Jim, Mary Rather. Had a long phone conversation with Barbara Keehn re: Israeli visit and dinner. 2:46 Left the ranch -- went to Austin to look for "little things like combs and brushes
  • Dinner with President, Deathes, Lynda, Jake, Marie, Mary, and the above. Little conversation during dinner because TV on with election results. After dinner went back to living room with guests. To bed early.
  • Ketchum in the Center Hall, second floor -- conversed for about ten minutes. 12:15 Fitting with Lucinda in dressing room -- taking up dress hems. Lunch. 1:58 To the Blue Room to receive Jean Kintner and members of the Woman Speakers Bureau. 3:30
  • drove a nail into one of the benches -- no speeches, just informal conversations. 11:06 Left the Douglass home to drive out Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Syphax School, and 3rd and Independence Avenues to show Emma and Polly "beautification in action." 11
  • with Ambassador and Mrs. Symington on the phone (re: topics of conversation for this evening). Rested in bed and read information on the Satōs and Japan. Nap. 3. 4:30 Went to a birthday party on the second floor for Carol Laise. 6:30 Party guests left. Called
  • of Sports Illustrated. Entry No. Time Activity 5:32 To the bowling lanes with Liz, Marcia, and Sports Illustrated personnel for bowling photos. 6. 6:20 Returned to the second floor. Worked with Ashton -- had two long conversations with Dr. Grover re
  • . Drove to see deer on Reagan, Martin, and Danz. 6:20 Goodbye to guests at hangar 6:55 Dinner with Bess, Marie, Mary, President: Conversation about 1. Commode - President called Albert Wierich of Johnson City to put in new bathroom. 2. Secret Service men
  • . on the second floor for a half hour of visiting and conversing infor­ mally. The guests included Mrs. Johanna Boshouwers from Amsterdam, Holland, who has traveled 14, 000 miles by bus across the United States during her 3 1/2 months stay in this country
  • and CTJ went into the manager's office for phone conversation with the President 7:15 plane take off the plane was decorated with streamers and balloons and everyone put on New Years Eve hats -- to celebrate the end of the last trip 8:00 8:55 stop