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  • .·~· ~:~~: : .. T~fl_~~ ~~~.:.·. ::::·:,:~~~ .~-~.:. ~-'; MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: ;.:·~.~ --- 9 ~:::!.Y..)!~v. . ·. ~ ~·-,; ~·, ..... \\. ·-··-vw....., .:.'. .___·. . 1:.._.._-~ u·.-.. 1.11..:. /0-1',L#j~ ii! c Telephone conversation with General
  • to stand up out there. We are not about to return to the enclave theories. President Eisenhower said, · what I want most for the President is for him to win the war. {A copy of the telephone conversation with General Eisenhower is attached as Appendix
  • was interrupted by the telephone. He talked for several minutes with Senator Dirksen. After the conversation ended the President reported that he had told Senator Dirksen that we will take whatever diplomatic moves that are available, that we will meet whatever
  • ­ The President: The only way to line it up is to proceed. LThe President read Eugene Rostow 1 s note of October 29: "Walt: I had a further talk with my informant about the luncheon conversation he attended yesterday. The man who spoke was a member of the banking
  • in Laos. 7. We should stay away from talks about Cambodia. 8. We must push them to admit the facts about civilian losses in Hue. 9. It is essential to probe for private conversations. TOP SECRET ;. - 2 ­ The President: Will they do anything until
  • -~ Attending: The President Secretary Clifford Undersecretary Katzenbach CIA Director Helms General Wheeler George Christian Walt Rostow Tom Johnson President: Are you concerned about Jord.en's conversation? Under secretary Katzenbach: I am encouraged
  • said he had discussed the matter with Senator Fulbright. and that Senator Fulbright had offered no objections to the Sec·retary's conversations with him on the Congo matter at that time. I Secretary Rusk and Secretary McNamara discussed current
  • !Son \~ [1 of 3] ~EYESONLY - 2 - Secretary Rusk said that Israel "has won a battle and not a war." Mr. Rostow discussed his conversations with Mr. David Ginsburg and Mr. Abe Feinberg. The President said many of the Jewish leaders want us to make
  • to the 19th.. They may have to ask for total cessation or no more conversations. There is a question of face involved. 4. Curious oriental approach -- this action could give them reason to break off negotiations. It is small chance, but I do not like
  • . Assistant Secretary Bundy: We must do some hard thinking about what we say in private conversation. Walt Rostow: We must probe the proposal that a political solution must precede a military settlement. We must proceed to get with Thieu on proposals