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  • of the telephone, especially following JFK's assassination; the difficulty in analyzing LBJ as a whole person using only the telephone conversations; examining presidents and their faults in the context of their time and their experiences.
  • suddenly ordered that the presidential libraries and other public institutions had to make available all transcripts of recorded conversations, or telephone conversations that had 19 LBJ Presidential Library ORAL HISTORY
  • some three thousand conversations that were taped, both on the telephone and the Oval Office and Cabinet Room discussions. Harry Middleton is eager to get these opened, obviously. Because you know Johnson didn't commit himself to paper all that much
  • 12, 1983 INTERVIEWEE: BILLY GRAHAM INTERVIEWER: Monroe Billington PLACE: Interview was conducted over the telephone Tape 1 of 1 B: Why don't you just talk a little bit about the time you first had contact with President Johnson? G: Well
  • , 1985 INTERVIEWEE: CYNTHIA WILSON INTERVIEWER: Lewis Gould PLACE: Via telephone from LBJ Library to Ms. Wilson's office Tape 1 of 1, side 1 G: Why don't you start out by just telling us something about your own background, education
  • ? My first contact with President Johnson was during a telephone conversation. It was an amusing situation. It occurred during the Christmas holidays in 1960. I was calling President-designate Kennedy and found him in Florida. I was calling to clear
  • . In giving this history of Wilson County to my niece, I pointed out that Charles Deason, my daddy's older brother, was quite a community leader. I guess today we would call him an activist but he was instrumental in getting the first rural telephone line
  • , and the whole atmosphere was entirely different. In those days a lot of our mail was from people who were trying to get hospitalization or veterans benefits out of World War I. So we would talk to people all day long who came in the office, on the telephone
  • that matter :came up, atld he got on the telephone. He called the Pentagon, and he didn't 'ask them, he ordered them to send a plane and get that boy and bring him up here to Arlington National Cemetery and bury him with full military honors. And they did