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  • / s li 9 ~ ( c.J..o o /He__ I • »'•bl'aary la. 1965 CONGRESSIONAi.! f'ct,ct~ ~~ f 3~ Con!irn•lns our telephone conw.rsatlozi of yeatorday ovonlng, the n,eetlng wltl1 Vlco. P res ident and tho Attorney General on Solmb. oltuation whlc
  • OF DRAFT REPLY IS ENCOUNTERED, PLEASE TELEPHONE OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL ASSISTANT. Date Odol>e~ FROM THE SPECIAL ASSISTANT u:r tr: 'ZG•g4 C-ell.e r zo, £/")£~ f,:O .;,,,_., "'-· ' . 'I .. " i' •• . For appropriate handling _ _ _ _ __ _··_.· _XX
  • or telephone AC 202 - 456-2511. The Social Secretary, The White House LEMBERGER, Ernst, Am.b. of Austria Sec. of State Dean Rusk GOLDBERG 1 Arthur J., U.N. Sec. of Tree.sui7 Henry Fowler FORTAS, Abe, Supreme Court Sec. of Agriculture, O:r".d.lle FreEIDB.n
  • to The White House Washington, D. C. - Dear~n: ~~ I 1 My Assistant, Jack ~ullivan, has informed me of his telephone conversation with your ~ssistant, Jim Jones, regarding William Prescott Allen, George P. Morse, and Leonard Rqs~nberg. ~ \ \ \, x
  • ) 12:30 to 1:00 P. M. Private conversation in your office with the Prime Minister {tentative) The Prime Minister feels this is the only really important pad pf his visit 1:00 P. M. ! : • .. ... Stag -luncheon at the White House (Mrs. Abell
  • . FLORF.i'\CE i\1AHONEY Per our telephone conver sation of this date, there i s enclosed a print of the picture of Dr. DeBakey presenting the report of The President ' s Commission on Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke to The President. Dr . DeBakey would
  • (. ---,...----,-..,.......--­ " · I •1 ' ' THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON May 27, 1965 MEMORANDUM FOR THE FILE ~ By telephone, this morning, I told congressma111fe11er it would be our opinion that 14 days time limitat action by Congress would be acceptable. Jake Jacbosen
  • of those folders. ~ .S- 1~~L·, . Ea.Qt••~ MM:jrt •·· To: Marvin Watson Dear Marvin: \I I t I I I ~I I :' l In view of our previous conversations, I thought you would be interested in the recent exchange of correspondence