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  • to reply, touching upon regional development prospects in the Caribbean area, the President answered his telephone . While the President was on the telephone, the Prime Minister and the Reporting Officer conversed briefly on the above theme ::c
  • but we were prepared to review with the Panamanians all problems. He characterize!i the declaration as containing nothing offensive to either side and as stating the same position he had taken during his first telephone conversation with President Chiari
  • . On the state of the Nation, he said: is going to hell. " 11 1 just don't think this country MEMORANDUM THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON August 12, 1967 11:00 a. m. MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT FROM: Bob Fleming Attached are notes on your conversation
  • this approach would be for the President to telephone George Meany and say that his advisers, other than Secretary Wirtz, were pres sing for a Taft-Hartley injunction; that the Taylor Panel, which was con­ sidered pro-labor , had recommended a reasonable basis
  • . It did not even include a confusion ploy. Hanoi has done nothing. In all conversations -- and we have a telephone on every line - - the other party has merely hung up. We now n eed to make a report to the UN Security Council and consider whether
  • this morning. (The President had Miss Nivens in Walt Ro stow' s office read the message over the telephone; the message thanked Wilson and Brown for standing firm despite party pressures.) We all have our peculiar problems; all of us have our setbacks
  • .·~· ~:~~: : .. T~fl_~~ ~~~.:.·. ::::·:,:~~~ .~-~.:. ~-'; MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: ;.:·~.~ --- 9 ~:::!.Y..)!~v. . ·. ~ ~·-,; ~·, ..... \\. ·-··-vw....., .:.'. .___·. . 1:.._.._-~ u·.-.. 1.11..:. /0-1',L#j~ ii! c Telephone conversation with General
  • to stand up out there. We are not about to return to the enclave theories. President Eisenhower said, · what I want most for the President is for him to win the war. {A copy of the telephone conversation with General Eisenhower is attached as Appendix
  • was interrupted by the telephone. He talked for several minutes with Senator Dirksen. After the conversation ended the President reported that he had told Senator Dirksen that we will take whatever diplomatic moves that are available, that we will meet whatever
  • ­ The President: The only way to line it up is to proceed. LThe President read Eugene Rostow 1 s note of October 29: "Walt: I had a further talk with my informant about the luncheon conversation he attended yesterday. The man who spoke was a member of the banking