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  • Folder title list, Notes and Transcripts of Conversations (Pre-Presidential)
  • Notes and Transcripts of Conversations (Pre-Presidential)
  • and Transcripts of Johnson Conversations 1960 Notes and Transcripts of Johnson Conversations f1961] Notes and Transcripts of Johnson Conversations [1962] Miscellaneous Notes and Transcripts of Lyndon Johnson's PrePresidential Telephone Conversations [1 of 2
  • the John F. Kennedy Library's Presidential Recordings of Meetings and Telephone Conversations, 1962-1963, as well as transcripts and logs for recordings of telephone conversations and meetings of President John F. Kennedy. The topics covered
  • consists of transcripts of telephone conversations between Thomas C. Mann, while he was serving as Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Topics of the conversations include Latin American affairs, the 1964 Panama
  • served as permanent U.S. representative to the United Nations. Scope and content note: The Papers of George Ball consist of notes of his telephone conversations while Under Secretary of State during the Johnson presidency, 1963-1966. The notes reflect
  • Force on Communications Policy; International Communication Convention, Montreux, 1965; cable television; requests for Presidential telephone messages and conversations; F.C.C. broadcasts. 9 1/2". UT 1-1 RADIO - TELEVISION. open Boxes 3-6 Presidential
  • Broadcasting System (CBS) for the CBS documentary program titled, "The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception." Included are correspondence, telephone conversations, summaries, transcripts, statements, interviews, legal proceedings including depositions
  • with other summer 1966 trips. [Presidential Trip Planning 1966] Notes from various telephone conversations, press releases, to do lists and clippings. Trips - Central American Trip [July 1968] Materials regarding presidential trip to Central America, also
  • , 1968 Chronological File – November 1968 Chronological File – December, 1968 Chronological File – January, 1969 Chronological File – January 1969 (from 1/20) Chronological File – February, 1969 Chronological File – PMG [Apr. – Nov. 1968] Telephone Sheets
  • , George] W. Jenkins ̇ Telephone Conversations, 1960 [Phinney, Bob] Pittsburgh Plate Glass Court Case [Transportation Company of Texas, 1961] [West, Wesley] [Young, Mary Louise, 1942] CAMPAIGN FILES 5 04/12/18 [1937] Financial Statements [1941 Campaign
  • to in the minutes; undated handwritten notes that appear to have been written at the meeting; copies of Mr. Johnson's statements and releases; memoranda; a record of an undated telephone conversation between Senators McClelland and Johnson; correspondence