Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 1935


Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 1935

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[Written on Congress of the United States, House of Representatives stationery]
Perry Malcolm and Bob will eat cream gravy and steak of my making at the house tonight.
[seven zeros circled] kisses for you
[undated letter, no envelope. Filed in 1935 Letters from Lyndon Johnson folder]
Tuesday Noon
I didn’t know it was so hard to live without you. I’ve been running in a circle every since you left. Last night I went home to an empty house--no one to meet me with open arms and warm kisses--and not even a cat to aggravate me. Honey I really think all day yesterday and today I’ve been about 20% efficient. It’s difficult to to [sic] anything but think of your being gone.
Malcolm took his girl (Lillian)
to look for a rooming place and I was asked to go with them. They rode on the front seat and I unfolded and slept on the back one. Didn’t know until 10:30 P.M. when Malcolm waked me that I could so peacefully sleep in the rear seat of an auto.
I haven’t [sic] heard a word from home or from Mr. Dick. I doubt that he will come back if we adjourn in August.
Your precious card was
at the office waiting for me when I got to work late this morning. You weren’t here to get my coffee and spank me out of bed, hence I didn’t get to the office until after nine.
Last night I thought over and over again after I got home what a swell kid you have been. A real companion--a model sweetheart--a perfect little housewife and a pretty nice boss. For a month I’ll have no kisses, no hugs,
no one to bring my towels, to get my clothes from the cleaner, to cook good things for me--in short this month will be Hell.
Sugar I hope you have a lovely trip. You left with a big load on your shoulders. Write me about cat. Give your Dad & Aunt Effie a big hug for me. I hope they know that I love them a lot for giving me a girl like you.
I love you--love you--love you--