Letter, Lady Bird Johnson to Lyndon B. Johnson, 11/2/1939


Letter, Lady Bird Johnson to Lyndon B. Johnson, 11/2/1939

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Anniversary of LBJ trip from D.C. to Karnack, Lady Bird travel plans, plans to meet in Brenham (trip mentioned in #2, this folder), exercise, Lady Bird mentions being tired


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P.S. Please mail this letter. I forgot whether Mr. Brunner is postmaster at Georgetown or Taylor. Am betting on Georgetown.

Thursday, Nov. 2
My Dearest:
Today is an anniversary! I wonder if you remember? Five years ago this afternoon you finished your Paul Revere ride from Washington to Karnack! How quickly five years have flown.
Elaine called me this morning and read your night letter to me. Dear, I shall be back in Montgomery, Friday or Saturday, so suppose you call me Saturday night at Elaine’s house (Mrs. J. C. Fischersser, 11 Hubbard St., Montgomery) any time after seven o’clock station-to-station. I shall be right by the phone.
Your air-mail special Wednesday morning made me so happy. I was taking a shower and I couldn’t even wait to read it until I finished, so I read it dripping. I’ll love to meet you November 10th in Brenham. If Congress
adjourns before then and you come home in the car I’ll meet you November 9 or 10 in Karnack. But if you have to fly down I will just meet you in Brenham. We’ll keep in touch and decide later.
I’m having fun with Carolyn and Mamie! This morning Carolyn and I walked a mile. I shall keep on increasing it until I get up to two or three miles. She wanted me to go with her on her date last night, but
I find that by eight o’clock I am tired and by nine I really want to go to bed. I’m feeling just fine but I’m not back up to my erstwhile stamina. I would like to be strong as a mule immediately but I suppose I shall have to rest a little every day for the next couple of months, as Dr. Baetjer told me.
I’ve told Aunt Effie I want her to spend next summer with me in Austin instead of coming to Washington this winter. So we have the whole winter to ourselves! Goodbye, sweetheart, until we talk Saturday night. Mamie & Carolyn say hello and Aunt E. sends her love.
Your loving, Bird