Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 7/10/1939


Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 7/10/1939

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[undated, postmarked 7/10/39]
Monday noon
Darling –
I feel much better since talking to you last night. Just felt I had to have a word or two with you before I started another week. Wish you were here ‘cause I’m already getting lonesome and don’t like not having you to meet me at the door when I finish my work and come home.
Rebekah just called and is coming by in a few minutes to talk over some of her troubles with me. She paid her rent for 15 days but didn’t get a receipt and now they want her to pay again.
Am so glad you are having fun. I was very pleased with the Dr’s letter and know if my “baby girl” continues to play all day and sleep long and soundly that she will feel like
she has most of the 5 yrs we’ve spent together. I’m going to play with you just as soon as I get home. I didn’t play very much Sat & Sun. Left for home at 2:30 Sunday, and it rained Sun a.m. so most of that day was devoted to music and reading. I read Mice & Men and also finished Grapes of Wrath. Am now busy reading Winnie the Pooh. I guess you know I’m lonesome for you or I wouldn’t get entertained with the books.
Thanks about the Victrolin. I’ll wait. What do you think about the REA job? Did you talk to the Senator about it? He wrote me the nicest wonderful letter. He is the sweetest person living ‘cept you.
Do write me more often. Your letters do help and you know how much of an effort it is for me to write. So please don’t wait until you hear before writing. Send me some hugs and kisses and ---
I love you
love you
more than ever
[Envelope postmarked: Washington, D.C., 7/10/1939, 3:30 PM]