Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 8/19/1939


Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 8/19/1939

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[Written on Congress of the United States, House of Representatives stationery]
[undated, postmarked 8/19/39]
Saturday 6:30 p.m.
This has been a long hard day and I’m very glad it is about over. In a few minutes I’m leaving the office for the apartment. Will read awhile and then pass out for a few hours before resuming the grind tomorrow. I’m rather blue tonight because I had hoped to be on my way to see you but (1) No mail from the Pres. boat (2) Word from Austin that my proposed rates are questionable and TVA needs to elaborate require further conferences on that subject Monday. I’m also going to see Tom Corcoran before I leave or Welly and may have to telephone Lowell Mellitt in San Francisco about it. Welly, Alice and a Mr. Anderson of Florida
went to the country for the weekend. I was asked but didn’t accept. Understand Mr. M. is coming at 7 in the a.m. and they are going to have a big time in a new swimming pool etc that is already.
I went out to see Ed and Mary Margaret Jamieson and the new baby--took Mary M. some powder and toilet water. The baby is too little to look like anything yet altho’ she does have real black hair like Ed.
This week has been a terrible one for me. Can’t get you off my mind and don’t be ab seem to be able to get the work off my desk. Got the Marshall Ford order out today and work will resume for 800 men next week which will keep all of the 800 from coming to see me when I get home. I bought you something pretty when I went to lunch
today. Will bring it with me. Today was Alice Hopkins birthday and Welly and I ate at a drug store at about 1 when he got off. While there he bought something and I got something too for you & also for Alice birthday. I love you more every minute.
Sam H. may come home with me. I’m beginning to feel very sorry for him. I don’t know what or how to do for him if at all.
Tex and Wieley may come down the early part of week after next but we won’t be there. I’m not going
to cry either because I’m very tired.
I’m trying to get Bob & Helen Jackson to get together with me before I leave for a meal but don’t know how successful I’ll be.
Remember I’m coming home the first minute I can get away and am going to love you to death.
Love & Kisses
O O O O O O O O OO O O XX only 2 spanks
Hope you are with Gene and Cecile and playing golf.