Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 8/20/1939


Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 8/20/1939

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[8/20/1939 ?]
Sunday 12:30 Noon
When I waked up this a.m. and called for the NY times the boy brought me much more happiness--the special from you. Altho’ it was chiefly limited to where we are going to live-- (and I don’t care a lot if I can just get back and live with you) it made me know you were thinking of me a lot and really anxious to be with me.
Last night after I wrote you I went by Mt. Alto Hospital and took Mr. W. J. George a pair of pajamas. He has been desperately ill and yesterday was the first day there was much
hope for him. He has pneumonia and a lot of other complications. He is 71 you know and that is pretty old to recover from such an attack. After visiting with him for awhile I called Mrs. George and went by to see her about 7:30. She cooked me scrambled eggs, salad, gelatin, sausage and I had fun just talking with her and a friend she had visiting her from Florida. Cong. Thomason left for El Paso on the 15th just as Mr. George took sick and it was quite fortunate for Mrs. George that she didn’t have to spend much time in the office.
Talked to Bob & Helen last night too. They are going on their
vacation of a week leaving Monday. Bob--Mrs. George tells me--doesn’t look at all well.
Alice called and suggested that I come to the country for dinner tonight and talk to Charles & Welly about the Texas offer but I declined. He said Welly would call later but don’t think I’ll go. Too long a drive alone and altho’ an hour or so is a tonic sometimes I’m lonesome and tired now and quite irritable and don’t
know that I’m very good company.
I think it ok to rent the hous apt. from Sept 1. The main thing for you to do is to get a place that will make you happy. Forget the few dollars involved. So without knowing or caring too much about the place I’d take it at $75 rather than continue to look and finally get something we don’t enjoy at 65 or 70.
Terribly sorry the white suit didn’t fit. We can send it back I guess or give it to
My present plans are to leave here not later than Wednesday night. I’ll drive slow and probably get to Karnack Sat night or Sunday. S. H. or Welly or both may go with me. I’ll talk to both tomorrow.
I’m bringing you a cheap little present and all my heart and love and strength and all I have or will ever have. O O O O O O XXX
[No envelope]