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Oral history transcript, Gerri Whittington, interview 1 (I), 6/5/1990, by Michael L. Gillette

How Whittington came to work for LBJ following President Kennedy's assassination; Whittington's duties; LBJ's secretaries' rotating schedules; traveling with LBJ to the Ranch and Austin; Whittington as the first African American to integrate the…

Oral history transcript, Gerri Whittington, interview 2 (II), 7/18/1990, by Michael L. Gillette

Traveling with LBJ; LBJ's staff members; LBJ allowing the secretaries to attend events.

Oral history transcript, Herbert N. Blackman, interview 1 (I), 1/8/1969, by David G. McComb

Biographical information; Treasury Department; IRS; War Production Board; Marshall Plan; Cold War; Joe McCarthy; Director of Export Policy staff; Chip Bohlen; Harold Stassen; Admiral Walter S. DeLany; Senator O'Connor; Senator McCarthy; O'Connor…