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  • the JFK assassination; Civil Rights Bill of 1964; campaigning for LBJ in 1964; organization of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; introducing Martin Luther King, Jr. to the concept of non-violence; a King-Powell episode regarding Rustin
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • , which angered a number of the ministers. Powell was close to the minister in Chicago, who headed the National Baptist Convention, a man who was so absolutely ignorant that when they named South Parkway Martin Luther King Drive, his church was on South
  • in their meetings with LBJ and Hubert Humphrey; tiger cubs at Atlanta zoo named for President Johnson and Lady Bird; relations with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Mrs. King; MLK's assassination and resulting racial problems in Atlanta; concerns and involvement
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • -- I -- 15 his father, of course, was older than I am. And my number one supporter in the Negro community, and I might say one of my number one supporters in Atlanta when I originally ran, was Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. So I've had a very close
  • Oral history transcript, Louis Martin, interview 2 (II), 6/12/1986, by Michael L. Gillette
  • Martin, Louis, 1912-1997
  • Louis Martin
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  • -Johnson line was sold so well and the support was so great for it, because of [Martin Luther] King and Bobby [Kennedy]--you know, all these things happening in the sixties--that the preachers had no problem with their congregations. You weren't running
  • Westmoreland; Robert McNamara leaving LBJ’s staff; LBJ’s view of civil rights; Martin Luther King’s relationship with LBJ and his death; Resurrection City; LBJ meeting with people who wanted to discuss appointments; keeping meetings on or off the record
  • only a matter of days before Martin Luther King was assassinated. Let me ask you to recall what you can about that event, how you learned of it, the President's reaction. J: Well, that was the night we had a Democratic fund-raiser in Washington
  • to provide a kind of constructive direction of the movement of people. But for us to stand in the way and say "stop this", we would have been washed away. B: You say "provide direction", in fact in those years, really Martin Luther King's presence
  • Texas protesters arrested and later invited to the Ranch; Jacobsen's opinion of Martin Luther King, Jr.; clothier Louis Roth's anti-Vietnam stance; Martin Luther King's FBI report.
  • problems with Sam Yorty, then-mayor of Los Angeles? J: I don't know. I remember Yorty. I don't know. I don't think he did, but I'm not sure. I remember Yorty though. If you've ever read the FBI report on Martin Luther King, it's a terrible thing. Martin
  • Christian Leadership Conference meetings and the rumor even included the fact that the FBI had a tape recording or recordings of sexual activities of Martin Luther King, and things like that. H: Well, that didn't bother anybody, I'm sure I've got taps
  • Oral history transcript, Louis Martin, interview 1 (I), 5/14/1969, by David G. McComb
  • Martin, Louis, 1912-1997
  • Louis Martin
  • See all online interviews with Louis Martin
  • sometime? M: Oh yes. I must say that in the Kennedy years my job was sort of liaison between the White House and the civil rights people--the NAACP and Urban League types, Whitney or Roy and Martin Luther King. I had worked with all these people during
  • knew that Antioch College was then trying to recruit blacks, and I transferred. The day I entered Antioch Martin Luther King's wife Coretta, Scott was her last name then, also entered. That is the reason why I transferred from Purdue to Antioch. F
  • How Tucker met LBJ; LBJ’s reputation in regard to civil rights; LBJ’s work as a Vice-President; Tucker’s involvement in the civil rights movement; Martin Luther King; the 1963 March on Washington; LBJ’s interest in civil rights early in his
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • in most of that activity. I was a I was heavily Close to Dr. Martin Luther King --closely associated with all the national civil rights leaders. B: What was your opinion of the Justice Department's, and the Kennedy Administration generally, handling