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  • Telephone conversation # 8578, sound recording, LBJ and MARTIN LUTHER KING, 8/20/1965, 5:10PM
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • was somewhat of a restraining influence. F: For instance? W: The President wanted to have a group of leaders like Roy Wilkins, ~.fnitney King, Young, Philip Randolph, and a few others come down to Texas a~d go out to the Ranch and have dinner with him
  • in the privacy of his own thoughts, and ::1a.'Ybe even in his own office, the President would have a few salty things to say about various players on this great national stage. F: Did you ever work directly with Dr. King? H: Oh, yes. 22 LBJ Presidential
  • was with the so-called leadership of the Negro organizations--Roy Wilkins, Dr. King, Whitney Young, I think the head of CORE then was Jim Farmer-­ F: Philip Randolph maybe? W: I'm not· sure whether Randolph came. But why it is so sharp in mind is that I