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  • Folder, "April 5, 1968 - 11:10 a.m. President's meeting with Negro leaders after death of Martin Luther King," Papers of Tom Johnson, Box 3
  • and to our people has meant much. The Civil Rights Bill is due to you and many others. We must say to the country: "We must work together. But Martin Luther King and others who have died - - they cannot benefit from the grief. " THE PRESIDENT: The President
  • Sat west 10:54 11:00 f 11:16 f 11:40 11:50 11:55 12:50 12:55 t t 1:20 1:22 t 1:24 t 2:05 2:30 wing Arrive office Secy Rusk Sen. Anderson In the office w/ Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young Larry O'Brien office James 1-18-64 Farmer, Dr. Martin
  • . Worked with Ashton. Entry No. Time Activity Worked with Bess on Austrian dinner. Worked with Liz on Texas trip. 4. ! Learned that Martin Luther King had been assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. 10:20 Secretary and Mrs. Clark Clifford, Mr
  • for Atlanta, Georgia (on airplane spoke to Martin Luther King) 9:15 Arrive Atlanta. Met by Governor and Mrs. Sanders, Mayor Allen 9:30 Rode w/ Mayor Allen, Bo Jones 10:15 Arrive at Communicable Disease Center Ground Breaking Ceremony - Speech 11:30 To Dr
  • Watched Clark Clifford and General Taylor on TV. 1:00 Watched Martin Luther King on TV. 3. 1:45 Lunch - sandwiches. Took plate to the upper deck. 3:30 Nap 4. 5:14 Docked; were met by Luci, Pat, and Joe Batson. (Luci wearing green stockings.) Went
  • the JFK assassination; Civil Rights Bill of 1964; campaigning for LBJ in 1964; organization of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; introducing Martin Luther King, Jr. to the concept of non-violence; a King-Powell episode regarding Rustin
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • , which angered a number of the ministers. Powell was close to the minister in Chicago, who headed the National Baptist Convention, a man who was so absolutely ignorant that when they named South Parkway Martin Luther King Drive, his church was on South
  • over. The President returned to his bedroom. Abe Fortas, Washington, D. C. The President called for JV to come into his bedroom and then for hot water for his tea Bill Moyers - Washington,. D. C. Dr. Martin Luther King - Atlanta, Georgia Horace Busby
  • in their meetings with LBJ and Hubert Humphrey; tiger cubs at Atlanta zoo named for President Johnson and Lady Bird; relations with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Mrs. King; MLK's assassination and resulting racial problems in Atlanta; concerns and involvement
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • -- I -- 15 his father, of course, was older than I am. And my number one supporter in the Negro community, and I might say one of my number one supporters in Atlanta when I originally ran, was Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. So I've had a very close
  • Oral history transcript, Louis Martin, interview 2 (II), 6/12/1986, by Michael L. Gillette
  • Martin, Louis, 1912-1997
  • Louis Martin
  • See all online interviews with Louis Martin
  • -Johnson line was sold so well and the support was so great for it, because of [Martin Luther] King and Bobby [Kennedy]--you know, all these things happening in the sixties--that the preachers had no problem with their congregations. You weren't running